A. Oliveri Siding & Remodeling Specializes in exterior Siding and Quality
Vinyl Windows. We work with the finest quality siding products, such as
Crane Performance Siding, and Simonton Windows. During the last
twenty eight years, we have installed siding on many homes in Suffolk
County N.Y. A quality siding product not only improves the appearance of
your home, it reduces utility costs and increases the value of your home.
Quality Vinyl Windows reduce sound and adds energy efficiency with no
maintenance and come with a lifetime warranty. Protect your home
investment with a protective exterior that stays attractive for decades.
When you are siding your home, it is an opportune time to consider
replacing defective, leaky, or energy en-efficient Windows and Doors. A.
Oliveri Siding & Remodeling has partnerships with quality Siding, Window
and Door manufacturers. Our goal is to make your remodeling experience
simple and cost-effective
Your Affordable Contractor ,
Your Home Exterior Specialist !!!!
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About  Replacement Windows & Doors
If you're thinking about replacement windows or patio doors,
there's no reason to wait. The benefits start immediately. From
enhancing your home's interior to adding to its curb appeal, new
windows and doors transform your home from ordinary to
outstanding. What's more, they provide one of the best returns on
investment of any home improvement project.
We are your partners in your window replacement project. Our job
is to educate you about windows and doors, then guide you through
Oliveri Siding & Remodeling  offers the area's largest selection of
major window & door manufacturers from which to choose. Our
Oliveri Siding & Remodeling  offers the area's largest selection of
offering includes products made of all wood, wood clad in aluminum
or vinyl, solid vinyl, all aluminum and fiberglass. For that special
room we have window interiors made of oak, maple, cherry, room
we have window interiors made of oak, maple, cherry, frame frame
replacements, we have a solution for you. Our ultimate goal is to
provide you with a seamless package of product and installation
that provides you with beauty, energy savings, comfort and peace of
Finally -The Highest Quality Vinyl Replacement Window at a Price you can Afford !!!
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